The Paddy Kelly 5 Miler RR

The localness of this race is purely the hight light. The race takes place at a bar that's been in existence since the 1970's. It's dark, big, has a bowling alley attached, and the bathrooms have not been updated. I was loving the full length mirrors surrounding the sinks and the 8 stalls which alleviated any possible line for the W Room.

Today, I went for the kill. I wanted to win 1st Women OA. I knew I had a chance based on prior results. I also decided that I would suffer as much as possible to keep in line with the going belief that the more you suffer the faster you will go.

I was not trying to vomit mind you. I just wanted to keep a fast pace and end strong. This technique has worked for me in the past and I like it.  The course was, well, flat BUT with long inclines.  People tend to leave out the word incline when trying to describe a course. When you running as fast as you can possibly run an incline feels like an effing mountain. Let's not forget that!

At the starting line I may have subconsciously given up the race. Dummy. I met a few women while standing there and we were chatting a bit. Curiosity got to me and I had to ask one of the faster looking girls what her name was. Sure enough it was a name I recognized and I immediately new I was not going to be 1st W.  1st place gone.

Fine, 2nd is good with me and off we went. I held a good pace, suffered, and my breathing was hard for the entire race. I focused on powerful arm swings and positive thoughts. I kept “most likely winner” within my view and decided that she was my target. In doing so another woman passed me at about mile 2. Damn. She remained in the middle of target #1 and I. Woman #2 stopped to tie her shoe. I thought maybe this is my chance but I could not catch her. I finished 3rd OA. My time was 33:38. Not bad. I think that is 6:40's or so. Correct me if I'm wrong. My last two miles were the fastest miles but only by 15-20 seconds.

I was supposed to do a 3 mile cool down after the race but I got caught up in socializing and blew it off. Sorry coach!!! Carol, a woman who is always a threat to me was there and we chatted a lot. She's a strong woman and an inspiration to me. Dan Bair, Tom Rooney, and Jake were also there to enjoy the free beer and food!!! Yah!! I had a beer at 12:05 pm. It was such a blast.

I'm ready for the marathon now!


Ange said...

great job!!! (we had similar starts....that whole ok let's go for 2nd thing...)
and...she stopped to tie her shoe?
that post race warm down is Hard! I agree.
SUper fast Run MEl!! Congrats!

Meg said...

Wow, great run! Awesome time! I hate all that mental stuff that goes on the minute I step out of my car! I'm totally going to get over that this year, I swear!

cheryl said...

nice job! I just noticed your status of wanting quads like a speed skater... was just watching Appolo interview today where they talked about how much weight he has lost since last olympics, but stronger, and they showed him climbing some steep straight up hill of sand, crazy. they are strong. I don't know that you really want quads THAT big.

Running and living said...

Yay! Awesome race. Congrats!!!

Teamarcia said...

Great race! Congrats! I admire how you set an ambitious yet realistic goal.

Mary IronMatron said...

Yay! Awesome race! 6:40s is smoking fast for a 5 miler. Nice work! I always have trouble with warm down... as in, I never do it. :)
xoxoxo Great work!

Anonymous said...

I'm impressed! Nice job!

Jennifer Harrison said...

AWESOME race, melissa!!! Congrats and we are ready for a PR at that marathon indeed!

runputt said...

"I had a beer at 12:05 pm...I'm ready for the marathon now!" Is how I read that. Classic.

Excellent job.

Bert said...

Good attitude! And super speedy! Congrats!!

Heidi Austin said...

sounds like somebody needs a sports psychology talk! no jk.... i know the feeling. you should be proud of your 6:40s~ awesome! rock on :) I have my first ten mile race this weekend....soo nervous!

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