Headcase, that's me. NOT!

As many of you I'm sure have experienced, sometimes it feels like the world is conspiring against your plan for the day.  

The PLAN for today was to run 16 miles with 1 hour easy, 1 hour at 7:15 PACE and 15 minutes cooldown.  I had a good plan the night before. I was ready with my nutrition, tote with dry clothes. I had even  lined up some running buds for that first hour.

Unfortunately for me, I have recently realized,  I can be a bit of a headcase.  I have realized that I can allow myself to put up very good arguments in order to derail my plan.  I have struggled with this in the past and have acknowledged this weakness in me.  Today was definately a great test for myself to see if I could overcome my headcase ways.  Now that I am  aware of this weekness lurking inside my brain I am more prepared to deal with it when I rears it's head. 

The first sign of my weakness rearing it's ugly head came as I began to tell myself to sleep in because HEY,  it's SATURDAY, and HEY, why should you get up when you can sleep in. Besides it will be at least 5 degrees warmer later on.  Agreed. Slept in.  Battle lost.

After my strong Starbucks coffee and dressing for my run I was ready to go at around 10:AM. About 3 hours later than usual. Nevertheless I WAS still in running mode. Nothing to threatening had happed yet. Then, I realized at that moment that the snow had fallin racking up about 3 inches and there was a huge concern building within me that the footing during my 1 hour fast segment could be in jeapardy of becoming a slow run.

This concern continued for some time.  I was hearing "maybe you should do this run tomorrow. Maybe you should do your easy 40 minutes today and call it a day. Maybe you could even wait until Monday to do this run since it looks like Sunday will post exactly the same weather".

This was the moment I realized my weakness was prevailing.  I was becoming a headcase for the day just beause the workout might be a little difficult.  "STOP". I said to myself!  I had to overcome this argument with myself. I had to say, look, no matter what obstacle is standing in my way I AM going to put on my game face and get this done. It could be ugly but it's going to get done.

I started out on my one hour easy run and realized that there was no way I could get in the 7:15 pace for an hour with the slushy slippery footing.  I quickly made a plan to run the fast part of the run on the treadmill. Problem solved and squashed argument number two.  This new course of thinking felt very empowering. I felt I was winning the battle with my head!

To add to the difficulty, I was being splashed by slush from the cars.  Two of my buddies waved to me from Starbucks just as I started out. I was orginally going to meet them there after my run but since I started so late I had to cancel with them.  I was oh so tempted to stop and just go in and sit down. But I didn't. I waved and kept going.  Win number three! Wow.. I'm tough.

To my enjoyment of the run I did get to say a big hello to this really cute greyhound who looked like all he wanted to do was to run with me.

So, today was a success I'm happy to report. I ran my 8 miles at a 7:13 pace on the treadmill and got in my 16 miles.  I guess I learned how to really suck it up today. Yeah!


Meg Runs said...

Way to go girl. I like hearing your "head talk" and it's neat to see how you stayed tough and over came the dread and doubts! That is SO hard. I'm inspired, thanks!

Mary IronMatron said...

that is awesome, mel! I think i'm just impressed with holding 7:13 for 8 miles... that's just sick.
The footing was bad for my run too--but I just gave in and ran 9:15 pace!! haha! Then I went on 128 to drive to lifesaving class, spun out and did a 360 on 128 and ended up on the median strip.
It's a miracle I'm still alive. I kid you not. Fun times!

Jennifer Harrison said...

Oh boy! Yes, you need to invest in YAK TRAKs Melissa. We all wear them here...they don't help in the cold, ha! but they help w/ footing and we can run without losing our grip outside! They are only like $20 and WELL worth it.

Good job on your run! Glad you sucked it up! THAT is going to be the difference in 2010! YAYYYY

Linda said...

Good for you! I can totally identify with the headcase thing. It's such a dark cloud hanging over you, ruining your day until you just suck it up and get it done. You should be proud! :)

GoBigGreen said...

Way to get it done. I personally think that Yak trax are not all that, but then again they just dont grip on ice. But on mushy stuff they are ok they arent spikes but springs. Sadly I am treadmill bound for a bit till it is above zero!
Hang in there and say hi to New England!

Heidi Austin said...

wow.... i know the feeling. good job though! It's so easy to give in-

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