Just Checking In

I feel like I have bloggers cramp.  I have not had time to read nor write blogs in the past couple of weeks. Like everyone else I am busy with Christmas, training, and having F U N.  Sorry about that.  I'll settle in for some good catchupblog this week. In the meantime here's what has been going on:

The Bill Rogers Jingle Bell Run is 30 years old and is 2.4 miles. I ran this fun run last night. There were no clocks or results.  Just spirited jovial runners.   It is run at a controlled 10 MPM down the streets of Boston.  They have a party afterwards at Fanuel Hall and serve 64-calorie-beer.. Yuck pooey.  After, we went to the Hard Rock Cafe for dinner and had some food and real beer there.

I'm back on track and training for the Hyannis Marathon for the end of February.  Jen is kicking my butt into high gear and I'm loving it.  Thanks Jen.

I have a new lease on my nutrition and have added protein shakes, amino acid, and vatimin C.  I feel that if I can ward of sickness this season I'll be that much more ahead of the game. I'm also hoping that the protein smoothies will help with the sore muscles in my legs that I have when I bike. Simply stated I SHOULD have more muscle.  Ya, that's right!

I have signed up for 2 more halfirons in order to hammer them in 2010.   This way I'll be able to train properly for an IM in 2011.  Now the question is which one in 2011? I'm going to try to get into Lake Placid but I hear that it is difficult to get in and that I might have to volunteer.  Whatever I have to do, I'll do.

I went small on the Christmas tree but isn't she cute?

That's pretty much it.. Happy Holidays!!


Meg Runs said...

LOVE your tree! It matches your backyard, so pretty!

Mary IronMatron said...

Oh, I love your little tree!
The jingle bell run looks like it was fun!
Which two are you doing? Rev and Timber? Is that right?
You will absolutely get into LP if you go down there. And if you volunteer it's a GOOD Thing. It will really give you a feel for the race and how it works... It's time well spent and also assures your spot in 2011. I may volunteer too, b/c I will likely sign up for 2011...

Teamarcia said...

Just found your blog! Wow your 2010 schedule is shaping up! And yes she is adorable!

Ange said...

glad you're back!! and LP for 2011!! Awesome! I love your tree. Merry Christmas!!

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