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I write this post whilst lounging at the white sandy Palm Beach in Aruba. It's hard to find time to blog while on vacation but I don't want to lose my momentum.

I just had to move under the Palapa due to a short sprinkle of rain. The weather has been perfect actually. Not one day of rain. I'm also listening to Britney Spears. Something I would not be found doing at home. I'm not a fan of Brit however this "Love Me Hate Me" tune is quite catchy.

This morning I woke up to the horror of a bad nightmare. I dreamt that my tri coach Jen decided she didn't want to coach me anymore. Or more that she was transferring me to her newest coach who had just been certified. I was mortified and depressed. Thankfully it was just a dream. I'm pretty sure I know why I had this dream but I won't delve to deeply into that.

Ok.. so... the point of this blog is to inventory my training in Aruba. For starters, my buddy Mel B. and I decided to create our own Aquathon. 

Dive - swim fast -run  repeat X 10. 

We dove from the dock, photo to come, raced each other to the bouy, all the while fixing our now lost bathing suits, swam to shore, jogged back to dock and repeated. What fun. Even though it only took 14 minutes we were pretty tired.

The other highlight of our training took place on the beach as well. We decided to run 2 miles bearfoot to try to strengthen our feet and ankles. We came away uninjured and satisfied with out effort. We ran 2 normal shoed miles before hand.

Today I just ran 6 miles and added in some polymerics. I'm also going to bring Coach back ASAP. I have decided I need her more now than later.  That's all for now.. 


Mary IronMatron said...

Separation anxiety... :)
Are you home? Are you coming to the HOHOHO?
The aquathon sounds very fun.

Heidi Austin said...

creative training is the best. it really does wonders! enjoy aruba....

Ange said...

ahhh, sounds like heaven. Enjoy your vacation!!

Jennifer Harrison said...

CRACK ME UP! I did not see this blog before you emailed me! I missed you too - now get your ass home and email me to get rolling again. Um....ENJOY the vacay in the meantime!!!!

PS I have dreams like that ALL the time......!

maria conley said...

It sounds like you had fun on vacation. Is nice to have friends that are willing to train while on vacation. Welcome back and happy training. Lets keep the snow far and away!!!

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