What will I name her?

It is now November and I have taken a short reprieve from my wonderful  coach Jen and triathlon training. Why?

To save up some bucks for my new Cervelo P2 tri bike. I'm so thrilled that I was able to swing this. Believe it or not this bike is classified as an entry level bike to triathlon. I see this bike as anything BUT entry level.

First of all can you really classify a bike as entry level that was used to win the 2008 World Championships by triathlete extraordinaire Chrissie Wellington?

I also think that when they classify these bikes they must use the trickledown theory. The view from the top. The view of a professional triathlete. So if you are already a pro (at the top) then this bike would be entry level for you (looking down). I am not at the top looking down. I am probably a smidge above entry level still looking up thinking that this bike is much more advanced than my road bike is. It doesn't look or feel entry level. It looks and feels like a beautiful creation.

I'm especially proud to own her and I can only hope that I live up to her expectations.


IronMatron said...

Oh, you love her already! :)
Names are tough. You may have to ride her bit before it comes to you.
Mrs. Z stands for Mrs. Zebra, btw. She is black and white and too tough to be a miss. (I tried Ms. but it sounded southern... Mrs. Z sounds more like a heavy-handed school teacher, which is how I view her...)
:) Have fun with your new bff!

Ange said...

ooohh how fun!!! congrats! It'll make riding fun!I haven't named mine...it Is hard.
how is Kathy?

Linda said...

WOW she is gorgeous!! Hope you get to take her out a few more times before it gets too chilly!

Es --- IRONMAN! said...

Hey, that's my bike! Her full name is Pretty Penny (P2) because she cost a pretty penny!

You are going to LOVE this bike!

runputt said...

What, you didn't want to shell out an extra $1500 for the P3? I'm pretty sure that bike has more technology in it than my truck.

tajones43 said...

Sweet ride!!
I hope to meet her someday.

maria conley said...

This bike is a mean lean machine. She is a beauty. She will need a female name.

Michelle said...


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