Tufts 10k Race Report

After a very bad week of hemming and hawing I ran the Tufts 10k in Boston on Monday, a holiday for many. This is the largest all womens race in all of the US. There over 6000 women. It is a very spirited race. I first ran this race when I was 14 years old with my mom. I have a picture from that race that I will post later. After I scan it.

As much as I love this race, because I know the course and it's flat, I was FLOORED by  the long lines that occurred this year. It was really bad. We had to fight through a sea of women to look up our number then try to duck out of that mess to go stand in line for at least 45 minutes to pick up our number.

I actually got up the desk and asked for the wrong number after waiting so long in line. My brain forgot it was 1080 and asked for 1090 which had already been picked up.

"I don't have your number. Are you sure someone else didn't pick up your number for you?" The woman was sure she didn't have my number. I stood there not hearing what she was saying.

"There's my number".. I chimed.

"Oh" she said. "You asked for the wrong number".

This was for those who registered early!! Not right.

The weather couldn't have been better. The weather was slightly cool with the sun shining. It was a beautiful day to have off and to run a race.

Once again I started RIGHT up front with the elites. This is so cool because they are all not more than 50 feet in front of you.

My plan was to hold 6:40's the entire way. I didn't wear a watch and hoped I would run very well. Up until the week prior I knew I was ready for a PR in this 10k. My "A" plan was to break 42 minutes. However the week prior left me wondering if I would have a PR at all let alone break 42 minutes.  Sometimes you really don't know how the day will unfold  until you start running.

I ran at a hard pace that I thought I could hold for the entire race. Judging by the clock my first mile was 6:37... Second mile was something like 6:42... I don't really know how the rest went as I didn't have my watch. I like running without a watch. It keeps me more focused on my breathing. I definately saved a little for the last mile.

There was a race with a few other women in the last 400 meters. We were all trying to break 42 minutes. I ended up with 42:01 and  missed it by a hair.  Next time, next time. That was fun.

After, we scooted out early and had pizza and coffee at California Pizza. Loved it.


Jennifer Harrison said...

YES! Another PR, great race MELISSA! :)) !!!!!!

IronMatron said...

You were 9th out of 1500???? Jesus, Melissa! That's amazing! Congrats on an awesome race. That's a PR, right? You are a rock star. Nice Work.

maria conley said...

Nice job, Mel. You did awesome. Super, super star you are. Not having your watch I think helped. Thanks for driving and for your awesome company. It was fun!!

kT said...

Great job, Melissa, and it was fun to meet you in person! (Kate from western MA, the dorky blog stalker)

Linda said...

Nice job, what a great way to finish out the season! (And CPK - what a great way to celebrate!)

heidi Videto said...

You are amazing Melissa!!! Great job!!

heidi Videto said...
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