One Last Race

So, here I am training for the Inaugural Chili Half Marathon in Historical Newton MA.. Yeah! I'm getting more and more excited about running this race.

I was going to be a good little athlete and forgo anymore racing in an attempt to alleviate any lingering need to rest my brain as well as the bod. Well, I am going to do that just as soon as I run the Chili Half Marathon on 11/15.

I was on the fence about doing this half in response to my ups and downs I have been experiencing. That is until I couldn't get INTO the race. This race closed out earlier this month! When I found out it had closed I emailed the race director to see if I could get in. She was nice enough to put me on her waiting list. It only took a few days later to receive the OK to send in the application plus $55.

I was thinking I would just do this race in order to keep the weight off until I go on vacation in November to Aruba.. I would, after all, be on the beach a lot and I certainly don't want to put on any weight for that. But NOW I've decided that racing this race is by far, more exciting than just keeping the weight off.

I'm going to race hard. I want to see what I can do. Plus, having PR'd in the 10k recently I figure I am in decent enough shape to go for the gusto.

In preparing I feel I need to lose a couple of pounds. Yes... A couple of pounds make a big difference in my running. It is very hard to lose those last couple as most of you know. You have to count everything you eat. I find that weight watcher's point system is easy to use and has the best results. I can still eat frozen yogurt, a glass of wine, dark chocolate etc... as long as it's in small amounts. I just have to be diligent and soon I'll get to my optimal weight and hopefully have a great half marathon.


IronMatron said...

Mel, if you lose any more weight you are going to float away. Jen, can you talk her out of this?
You will crush that 1/2. :)

Anonymous said...

MC - Where exactly do you think this couple of pounds is going to come from??? You don't have much more hair to cut off and you certainly don't have any body fat left. You're fit and fab! Enjoy it!


runputt said...

Totally jealous. I waited a bit too long to apply for that half as well and am now regretting it. Enjoy!

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