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Nineteen hours in an ER can bring even the toughest of souls to their knees. An emergency trip to the ER on Friday afternoon after Kathy lost site in her right eye accompanied by a very bad headache did just that.

These two symptoms can point to a number of ailments however within our realm of knowledge the most probable cause that came to mind was that of MS or a stroke. Yeah, we were a little frightened. Thankfully a stroke was quickly ruled out. She does not currently have MS either. We think she has Optic Neuritis. She should eventually gain site back in her right eye. We will know more when we finally, and I mean finally, get to talk to a department head on Wednesday morning.

On Friday and Saturday all of the Neurologists just happened to be across the country at a conference leaving NOBODY in Boston to properly read Kathy's MRI. My bawling in the ER and curt words with the resident doctors on duty did nothing to accomplish what we needed.

After seeing 13 resident doctors, 1 real doctor, and several fellow doctors over a two day period there really was nothing left for us to do except to go home. So we did.

We had an appointment set up for Monday to see yet another fellow doctor. The neurologists still were not back yet. The good news for Monday was that the doctor was able to determine that Kathy does not have any unusual activity on her brain. This means that she has a very small chance of ever developing MS. Even if she does develop MS there is only a small percentage of people who actually end up in a wheel chair like Annette Funicello. God bless her.

There is nothing better than a health scare to put your life into perspective. Sunday's run, although long (16 miles) and hard (5 miles at goal or faster than goal pace) felt easy and fun simply because I was no longer cooped up waiting endlessly, fearing the worst.


Anonymous said...

Mel thanks for being with me in the ER it WAS grueling and I appreciate all your love and support...... Was it tougher than a tri :)


runputt said...

Oh my, that's really scary. I'm sure everything will turn out ok. Hang in there, our thoughts are with you.

IronMatron said...

keep us posted... So glad stroke was ruled out and MS is almost ruled out!

Ange said...

oh my gosh I am sure that was so scary and is still very difficult and upsetting. I hope you get some answers soon!! Glad you had a good hard run to get the junky feelings out. Runs always help with that stuff.

Jennifer Harrison said...

Oh my gosh! I had no idea you and Kathy were struggling w/ this this weekend. UGH. I am SO glad K did not have a stroke and MS seems to be ruled out. Please update us when you see a Neurologist! I am sure that run on Sunday felt good after this! :)

Heidi Austin said...

i think anytime spent in the hospital is scary...wow. i hope all works out for the best and that kathy is ok. sending good vibes your way~

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