7 Days till Pumpkinman

Pumpkinman.. oh yes.. You are finally here. Finally. I can't wait for the gun to go off. I have been training for this Half Ironman for a year now. My first HIM was really to gain experience and to see what happens. This HIM is for racing. To really push myself and at the same time correct anything that went wrong at Mooseman.

I'm REALLY excited to see how my swim goes. I've been such a slow swimmer in the past and now I feel like I'm an OK swimmer. No longer am I the slowest at the pool. It will be fun to see how I stack up.

My biking is better as well. I now know I need to keep my heart rate in zone 4 for the entire ride. I think. :). My food on the bike his HUGELY important and I think I have that puzzle down pat.

My running has actually improved since I started training for triathlon. It's a mystery to me but it really has. I PR'd all over the place in the last year. The 10k, 7miler, and Half Marathon. It's such a mystery because I'm way older now and I've hardly logged any more than 25 miler per week. Whatever the reason is, it makes me very happy. Guess all the cross training makes you a stronger athlete all the way around.

With that said I am sooo looking forward to a month or two off from training. I really need a mental break. I fantasize about sewing, cooking, and doing mundane housy things that nurish my soul. I have been struggling a bit with keeping it all together in the final 3 weeks. I missed a few workouts and even shortened a couple of other workouts. It has caused me some concern but when I look at the big picture, I know that I trained very hard before these last 3 weeks. That's all that really matters. The work is done.


IronMatron said...

You are going to have an awesome race!! Your swim is SO much stronger since the beginning of the summer.
You're going to kick ass!
And then do some resting! Yeah!

Ange said...

Oh it's so hard to stay focused all the time!!! I certainly have my ups and dwons with this. But....you Have done the work and you are going to Love your day next week. JUst GO FOR IT!!!! You are so strong andI know you will have a Great day! GOOD LUCK!!! and yes....definately enjoy the break!

maria conley said...

Mel, good luck. I will be thinking of you this weekend!! You will do awesome.. Bring Dan B and I some pumpkin pie, hahaha..

Jennifer Harrison said...

Surprised your running has gotten stronger???! OH NO NO! :)) You have worked your ass off. I know the first year of 1/2 IMs is a tough change for athletes - the bike is a killer @ this distance and you have done a remarkable job! GOOD LUCK THIS WEEKEND - you WILL have a great day and you know what? Enjoy some R&R before 2010! :))

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