Only 3.5 weeks until Pumpkinman Half Iron. It becomes more and more important to mimic race conditions and plans such as food, course elements (hills), timing etc... So, after I finished my rather long brick today I made notes. That way I can remember exactly what happened and I won't have to guess when I'm prepping for the all important race.

But first, I want to mention Saturday's disaster. Saturday proved to be a breakthrough day but unfortunately in the wrong direction. It was supposed to be a 4 hour bike ride and 35 minute run. Three hours into my bike ride my body and mind decided to give in. Surrender. Quit. I found myself pulling over to the side of the road to just sit and gather myself. All the while asking 'what is happening'. After 5 minutes of self pity I decided I needed to go home and lay on the couch. I love my couch. I'm sure there is a good reason this happened and I do not fret about it. I have moved on in search of a day of training where everything goes right.

Today was a moderately long brick session. 50 miles on the bike and a 7 mile run. It went well considering the heat.

4 Gu's on the bike..
1 Bottle of water with salt tabs
1 Bottle of watered down Gatorade endurance
Ate a light breakfast before leaving.
Heart Rate on the Bike Zone 3 mostly. Some Zone 4 time.
Heart Rate on the Run Zone 4 the entire run.
Pain in legs while on bike - Prominent - Ask Jen what can be done.
Temperature 89 degree - 46% Humidity
I just want to burp.


IronMatron said...

Oh God. I totally know those rides where your body just says Nope! We're done! Good idea to ride home and just call it a day.
What's up with the legs on the bike? Where does it hurt?

Ange said...

very smart to write stuff down like that. It's so easy to forget. My legs used to alwasy hurt when I rode....after taper it went away. I bet yours will too.

maria conley said...

Thanks Mel, for sharing the good time and bad time too. This Triathlon thing requires so much commitment you have it. Good job.

Ange said...

how's your training?? You need to write a new post! :)

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