Random Thoughts for July 2009

  • Suzanne Whang from House Hunters is no longer on House Hunters. Instead, she is now an aspiring stand-up comedian. She is completely outrageous and unexpectedly rated X.

  • Port wine was developed when the ships carrying bottles of wine across seas in barrels kept rolling and rolling due to the swells. The rolling and rolling turned the wine into a sweet thick wine that is now Port Wine.

  • I no longer wonder why I don't read magazines and books like I used to. It's pretty obvious that my computer has taken the place of most of my casual reading time.

  • I looovveee aged Gouda cheese.

  • There is not one single pack of sport gel in all of P-town.

  • The Tour De France lasts for weeks and weeks. I hope Lance wins. Isn't he at least 40?

  • The jeans I wanted last year actually went up in price. Fraught with disappointment, I can not justify unloading that much cash on a pair of jeans. But I have not given up hope yet.

  • Rose is a really good hoola-hooper.


Michelle said...

That was awesome Melissa! I also am hoping that Lance wins, although it's not looking likely, and he's conceded to help Contador win. Drats. I know he's already had his time in the spotlight and others need a chance too, but .... it would be such an INCREDIBLE story if he won AGAIN.

And I also love aged Gouda. Regular, not so much, but the aged stuff is delish.

Anonymous said...

OMG! I can't belive I made the random thoughts list. I feel very honored!
I hope you are having a fabulous time. I hope we can catch up over sushi when you return.

IronMatron said...

You need to get your jeans at Second Time Around! It's how I justify buying designer stuff...
miss you and see you soon!

Jennifer Harrison said...

HOPE you are having a nice time, Melissa!!! FUN list!

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