4 Sunny Days Off

I was lucky enough to ride 50 miles from Ptown to Wellfleet this week with Donna. Donna is a friend who lives in NY. It was a very scenic ride and I loved it. Definately not as hilly as Dover to Ashland so we were able to go faster than usual.. That made me happy even though I have yet another cold. That was Friday.

Herring Cove Beach

On Saturday I decided to go for my long run down Bradford Street and back to Herring Cove Beach. There I would meet Kathy, Carol, Donna and Fergie. Herring Cove beach used to be a nude beach. Thankfully, I only saw one topless sunbather this time around.

When I am on vaca I usually take advantage of sleeping in late regardless if I have to run in the blaring sun. This day was one of those days. Started out great. Ran 5 miles including 5x3 minutes at about 6:50 pace with 2 minutes between intervals. By mile 6 I was hot as hell. I slowed and decided that the hard work was done and all I had to do was run, jog, to the beach. It's amazing how you can come out of a slump while on the run. With a little fluid and gu I was able to keep a decent pace.

Later that day I tried to go for an open water swim with Donna. Everything was right for the swim except for my energy. I was just done after the run and only mustered 18 minutes in the open water! I'll FORCE myself to go much longer next time.

We got in some great beach time with Donna, Carol and Fergie.. That was Saturday.

On Sunday I went for another run but on a teadmill. I had another speed workout to do and was in no mood to stare down the sun. I also got in a decent, but once again not long enough, strength workout that day.

All in all, this past week was a so so week for training. It could have been better. I really need to get on track. I really need to get rid of this cold and I really need to get focused. That is the goal for now.

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IronMatron said...

Hey! I love that pic of you and me. That was a good race.
You are getting stronger and stronger. You are going to have such a great race at Pumpkin! :) Good to see you at the pool this a.m. Oh, and 18 min is not bad for you first ocean OW swim. Swimming in the ocean is so different than the pool or lake--so MUCH HARDER! and colder. Holy cow is it cold. I'm thinking of getting some swim booties. :)

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