Haven't you ever looked at what someone was doing and thought " I want to be like that" .. just because they were doing it well? I have.. many many times. As a matter of fact I am almost always drawn to start something different, something I've thought about but didn't have the guts to do it, just because someone else was already doing it and doing it well.

The other day I got together with a friend whom I'll call Kitty. I hadn't seen in about 8 years. We think. She told me that while she was at a party a week back another person whom we'll call Sheila, we both know, mentioned to her that "Melissa is inspiring".. Apparently Sheila was inspired by my triathlon training. Hold on I'm not trying to brag here.. My friend Kitty then informs me that she looked at Sheila as if to say, "Am I missing something here? Was Melissa sick and since recovered from some serious illness?".. Sheila responded with "What? you don't think that her athletic endeavors are inspiring?".. "Well, oh, you mean the running and all..?." "YA".. "Oh,, sure sure."... hmmm..

At first I said.. "Oh thanks Kitty.. Thanks for the support.. PAL... ".. Then I thought.. well, I guess different things inspire different people.. Not everyone wants to do triathlon or run or swim or bike.. We all have different cravings.

It's apparent that Kitty was not inspired at all.. and that is OK with me. My point is that this conversation led me to think about what inspires me and the answers were really wonderful, I thought. Here is what inspires me:

People.. I am always inspired by God and People. Certain people to be exact. I'm not just trying to give friends a plug. These people do inspire me.

****Mary inspires me hugely. I would probably not be doing triathlon if she were not around to inspire me and show me that it can be done. Even if I hardly see her. Thank you Mary.

****Melissa Bair - Melissa is fiercely committed to her work. She inspires me to take more control over my work as an owner of a business and to do a better job. After all, if she can do it why can't I be the best that I can be.

****My sister Brenda.. - She has 4 girls. Her house is chuck full of family photos.. She is a family person through and through. Even if it's not always easy. She inspires me to be closer to all of my family members as much as I can. Family is so important. Who else loves and appreciates you no matter what.

Those are the people who inspire me the most. Of course I'm inspired by others and I'm sorry if you didn't make the list.

What inspires you? Or Who inspires you?


Annie said...

thanks for sharing. people sometimes need inspiration to achieve their goals and be whole again.

Vision Board

IronMatron said...

Mel, I'm flattered beyond belief! You inspire me too, you know. It really feels good to think I can be an inspiration to you--or to anyone for that matter--when my life is such a God awful mess right now!!! haha!

It takes courage to do what we do, I think. It also takes total determination and discipline. Not everyone can do it, and certainly most don't want to do it! But like you, I am inspired by and look up to the people who do do it.... :)
Thanks, Mel. This came on a day that I needed it.
P.s. All of my good friends have the same complaint about me--that they don't ever see me!! I chock it up to all that training--. :)

maria conley said...

All my running friends inspired me. When training for Boston this past winter, I really did not want to get out of bed and I would think to myself, I bet Mary & Mel are already awake and swimming. And just thinking that would make me get out of bed and train. You both have showned me how to be strong and not to be afraid and to go for it. I hope my broken English makes sense to you. Love Maria

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