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I think we have hit a growth spurt at the office. Lately, between keeping up with the new customers and keeping up with the training there is little time in between the two. This is a good thing. I am happy we are prosperous and growing. I'm also happy that my training is on a roll. I have had several weeks of solid training. I may not see all the results I want to see but the training is there and should eventually pay off.

Swimming gives me sneeze attacks. One day this week while driving on my way to work after a long swim I had a sneeze attack. I sneezed.. and BAM! it was so violent my nose hit the steering wheel causing the horn to blow. I nearly gave myself a bloody nose.. I couldn't stop laughing at myself for a few minutes after that. Imagine seeing someone do that? Sneeze, beep, laughter..

That same week another swimming episode occurred when I forgot all of my makeup and jewelry. OMG! I looked like crap because the swimming goggles put 10 years on your appearance for the rest of the day. This is a result of the suction created from the goggles. I really wish I could nix the make-up everyday to save time but I just can't do that. I have to face lots of people every day and I like to look my best.

"Rodney, I shan't ask you again Rodney". That's just a little blurb that pops into my head whenever. It's a line from an old movie.

Oh, I think I have everything (except a silicone beanie) for my Half Iron in June. I need the beanie because it's going to be cold I hear. I sure hope it warms up soon. I bought this one piece number that is going to make me look threatening to those who don't really know that I am a beginner. Ya baby!

I set up a nice TV in my workout room on the wall but still would rather listen to music while on the trainer. Mary is right. Music makes you work harder.

I got a new Garmin Forerunner 305 on sale for $160. I consider this a huge score!!!!!! I think Kathy paid $300 three years ago. Of course I could have spent $400 on their latest and greatest 405 but the 305 does everything I need for it to do.

I have humongous workout next week.. 4 hours.. 3.5 on the bike and 30 on the run.. Can't wait to see how I do.


Darlene Siddons said...

love your blog and of course the name of it really love also, as i am a producer of Vision Map Videos...check them out sometime...sounds like they could just be the deal for you....have fun!!!!


IronMatron said...

I want to read a post on how that 4 hour ride went! It's just so long to be on the bike.... a mental feat!
I love your new trisuit. I still dont' have one. I like to have a separate top and bottom so I can easily go to the b-room, b/c I am NOT like Coach PoopyPants! You won't catch me shitting into my suit in front of an audience! hahaha! Pee, yes, poop, no. s
THough she DID get her Clearwater spot... :)

maria conley said...

I know all about forgeting to pack all the those beauty aids or toiletries. In my office I have all the necessaries for after my gym work outs. I even have a foam roller and a yoga mat. Nice price on that Garmin watch.

Linda said...

Love your blog, Melissa! I find you (and the other GNRC'ers) so inspiring! On the Garmin - got my bonus this year and treated myself to won. Love it! Except the accuracy was a bit off today - I ran in the city after work and it shows me running through the harbor....
:-) Keep up the good work with your training

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