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This weekend was packed full of activities. I had to find a dress for an outdoors wedding in MAY so I hustled over to the Natick mall and finally, after trying on at least 15 dresses found a black and pink maxi dress. This is the latest fad in dresses that require platform wedge shoes so that the hem does not hit the floor. I was shying away from them but tried one on out of desperation and found that I liked this one the most of all. Mission accomplished.

This is the dress.

Saturday night was a poker tournament in which I did not do well in. This was at a friends house with approximately 30 players. I don't usually get knocked out within the first hour (not that I'm bragging but my brothers taught me to play poker at the ripe old age of 12).. however I had a duathlon on Sunday looming over me and wanted really nothing more than to go home and worry rather than put others on edge.. So, I played aggressively taking careless chances and viola.. home early. Mission accomplished..

Sunday - Duathlon.. Great race! Felt great on the run AND on the bike. Was dressed correctly.. the weather is fickle this time of year (well all year in NE really) and it's hard to decide what to wear. I tried my new suit to get a good feel for it. I liked it alot.. I was 3rd in my age group.. Met some really nice folks.. questioned them mercilessly.. I wondered later that day if I come off too nosey in asking all my questions to the more seasoned triathlete.. I hope not..

Monday - Volunteer station mile 8 at none other than the grand daddy of all marathons.. THE BOSTON MARATHON.. I got to catch up with Mary Iron Matron and all of her happenings.. I got to see my friends from http://www.greaternorwoodrunningclub.org/ run as well. That was just so much fun. I love watching the runners run. A great weekend indeed.

Volunteer team; Cal, Meg, Kathy and I


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Ange said...

Congrats on your age group podium!!! that is awesome! I"m glad you enjoyed the race. Sounds liek you guys had fun at the Boston marathon...miss being there for that.

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