My state of mind is in a tough place right now.

I used to pride myself on never getting sick. Now, I can no longer do that. Since 1995, when I started my business, I only became really ill once. And, that took place New Year's Eve weekend so I didn't even have to miss work.

I have basically been sick for the past two months on and off. It feels like an eternity. This is not good. I wake up feeling crappy. I am constantly moving my workouts around to fit my unhealthy life. Let's see, I can sleep late if I move this workout here and add this run to this run. It's really starting to drive me nuts. I seriously wonder if all this training is actually killing me. I have been really good about taking a daily supplement, turmeric, and airborne tablets. It just doesn't seem to be working very well. When will I fully heal? I do not know.

Not to long ago I read an article about a triathlete who continued to train despite being sick and ended up with pneumonia which sidelined him for quite some time. I really hope that doesn't happen to me. I am not going to stop training. After all, I already signed up for my June triathlon and made reservations.

I keep hoping that one day I'll wake up and feel really really strong and free from this cough. One of these days!


triguyjt said...

its so hard to back off when you have the dna that wants to get up and go....

good luck getting back to 100percent

maria conley said...

Get well soon. You doing everything in your power to get healthy real soon.

Michelle said...

Oh no!!!! I had a REALLY lousy January - I felt crappy essentially the entire month. I was doing exactly the things you talk about - sleeping in, moving workouts around, combining workouts.... And never feeling all that great during the workouts no matter what. The good news is that there was an end!!!! So fingers crossed for you that you'll be back to 100% soon as well.

IronMatron said...

It's cause you're wicked wicked skinny.
you are a babe, and at a super racing weight, but maybe you need some more beef to fight off those cold new england flu bugs?

Anonymous said...

stop eatin so much


Ange said...

It's been a few weeks..are you feeling any better? Are the small signs of spring helping? Hope so!!

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