"My" Next Phase

There are phases to training for triathlon. I think the first phase is endurance, then strength, then speed. I also believe there are a recovery and off season phase as well. Whatever the phases are, I have definitely stumbled upon "my" next phase. MY next phase may not conform to the actual phases referenced but I know I have entered some kind of new phase to my training.

MY version of the next phase consists of:
  • Learning to eat A LOT while on the bike but not too much. For eating too much can be disastrous on the run.
  • Aero Positioning - Now that have decided to "go fast" I have to "look fast" therefore I have installed (and was fitted for) aero bars. I am told that looking fast is a huge part of actually being fast.
  • Curbing alcohol drinks and heavy foods on Friday and Saturday night. I can do this temporarily then celebrate hugely after the race. No loss here.
  • Arming myself against those looks of disgust from Kathy as I sweat like never before on the trainer. She doesn't really mean it. She is really just concerned about the carpet getting ruined.
  • Aligning the pets up comfortably before my workout is key. If I fail in this duty I am faced with animals in waiting as I try to transition as quickly as possible. They need to be pooped and peed just before I jump on the bike.
  • Having less and less time for everything else including blogging, reading blogs, sleeping late, doing nothing..

I think that covers it. It may not consists of the correct "phase" elements but this I know to be true; it sure does feel like a new phase. Tuttaloo.


maria conley said...

You are going to rock at triathlons. I laughing about getting the pets comfortable before your workout. Kathy, you can always get the carpet replaced. Melissa's workout is more important.

Ange said...

The trainer sweat rate is like no other...simply amazing and quite gross too. I was in awe at myself the other day....Huge drips for hours rigth onto my bars. advice? many many towels.
I like your phases. :) Triathlon is a progression. And somehow it does take over...
I sometimes say to myself as I'm doing Nothing but training while kids are at school, 'how did this happen?'
Hope all the sickies went away!!! what's your first race?

Jennifer Harrison said...

You are doing SO great, Melissa!!! Keep up the good work!

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