We want what we don't have

Isn't' it true? As I lay here nursing my injury I think, god, if I could only train they way my schedule says I should then I would be so happy right now. When I'm in full training mode, injury free, I think, god, if I could only have a day off from training I would be so happy.

So, here I lay, on the couch nursing my back sprain. Instead of being so bummed out I am only going to make a commitment to to myself to strengthen my back once I am able. That's it. I'm not going to be all bummed out about this. Things happen and you just have to deal with it.

On another note. I'm signing up for the Mooseman rather than the REV3 Half IM in June. I will know people at Mooseman and be able to meet other triathletes. Sometimes I feel like I'm all alone on this triathlon journey so it's important to me to meet other triathletes. Running is not like this. Running has been so popular for so long that there are a plethora of running clubs to join in the state of MA. So the camaraderie is always nearby. In the triathlon world I have to go out and seek everyone and basically learn everything on my own as well. Thank god I hired a coach.

And, for all you blog readers who don't leave comments.. I'm going to have to whip you when I see you. Please leave a comment. How else will the world know that people actually read this blog. I'm going to blog regardless because I want to keep the journal going however it is very inspiring to see YOUR comments.. THANKS MAN!


Ange said...

I'm so glad you hear you're going to do Mooseman!! That's great!
What happened to your back?? :-( I hope it 's not serious!!
hang in there...
my injuries have alwasy made me stronger..you will work hard to recover well and strengthen so it wont' happen again. hope your'e ok!

mconley342 said...

Sorry to hear about your back Mel. I had no idea. How bad is it? Recover soon.

Jennifer Harrison said...

I read your blog!!! Mooseman it is then! :) HOPE your back is doing better! The tatoo, made me laugh! ONLY b/c I don't have one, but always wonder...

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