I need to vent a little. I’m beginning to think that the triathlon community of bloggers is VERY difficult to break into. I have left approximately 10 posts on new tri bloggers. I sought these people out through Mary and Ange’s blogs. On most of my posts I mention Mary and Ange so that they know where I am coming from. I'm simply trying to correspond with other triathletes to share knowledge and triathlon "stuff".

To this day I have only received two replies. Today I found that Triguy actually DELETED my post. Am I THAT pathetic? Am I so "green" that I am not worthy of correspondences from more experienced triathletes? Even if I am "green" why would they not want to share their experiences with a newbie like myself? I certainly wouldn't deny correspondences if some new runner came along and wanted to share their new experiences with me. I would, quite honestly, be flattered that they even contacted me.

So, regarding those bloggers, I can only conclude that one of the two circumstances exist:

A: They have all the followers they need and do not need any more followers. Perhaps it takes too much time to keep up and respond to all of their followers. Must be tough.

B: I'm not coming across in a nice-enough way (I doubt it) or they think I am a lunatic (probably).

Whatever the case. I'm done.

Also, I have been out of commission alllllll week… not one single workout due to my back injury… So I am not running Derry. I am still going up to Derry. I will fullfill fan, Sherpa, and photographer duties for my best running buds at http://www.greaternorwoodrunningclub.org/

The good news is. I feel rested, healed, refreshed, and can't wait to start my training next week. I think I said this not to long ago.


IronMatron said...

Hi Mel!
I am so sad you won't be running Derry... :( I will be running it--but not fast! I haven't done more than 10.5 yet this winter!

The blogging thing is tough. I think you have to keep the blog for you, and if others follow, then cool, if not than it's for you, so who cares? It takes a lot of serious and religious following of others before people come see you regularly. Also, you may want to install a sitemeter to see if you are getting hits. many people were reading my blog, but I didn't know it before I installed the sitemeter and could see I was, in fact, getting hits.
You know I'll always, read... Ain't I good enough? haha. just kidding!

mconley342 said...

I'm glad you are feeling healed & refreshed. That's very good news. I wish I had some advice on thiathlons but have none. I'm sad about you not running Derry. But I am happy that you will be there with us.

Jennifer Harrison said...

Whoa! that is not cool...weird actually. SORRY that happened. The TRI bloggers scene is GREAT - I think you just found an off day for him...and usually he is fine too....DO NOT lose faith in the bloggers - it is a great group and people NEED others going thru the same thing to keep pressing on. I read your blog and you can read mine! :))

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