Dover Sprint Tri Race Report!

I just finished stacking a cord and a half of wood right after the race. My back is aching from the wood pile not the race.

I THINK it went very well. Here are the numbers.

My overall time was 1:27:48. The results said I was third in my age group, 14th OA but they must have made a mistake because they gave the award to someone else. I hate when that happens but what are you gonna do. Keep smiling? Ya, that's right.

Swim .25 miles, time 8:24
In June I swam a mile in 37:00. I think that means that this race was an improvement. Hooray for that! I thought I was going like a bat out of hell but alas, maybe not that fast. I felt REALLY GOOD on the swim and I actually really enjoyed that part of the race. I think I could have done better at spotting. I veered off course twice. That could be good for 20 seconds I suppose. This was the first time I pushed the pace on the swim and actually felt like it was a race.

T1: 5:59. Before anyone pukes I need to tell you that there was a jog of about 800 meters. I had my wet suite on. I had to put on a shirt, jacket, and shorts. Normally I don't have to put these things on. Everything went on as planned. I wore a long bra top under my yellow jacket. It was expected to be much colder and for a split second I realized I might not need the jacket but I wore it anyways. I later realized I could have gone without the jacket because it did indeedy warm up more than expected.

The bike 14.5 miles 49:33 - I felt good on the bike. I averaged 17.9miles. Almost 18 mph! I would have been really psyched with 18 mph. I can improve hugely on the bike. I do not even have aero bars yet. I also only spent about 1000 bucks on my bike. I'm thinking of what I can upgrade for next year's events to cash in on the "free speed" that everyone talks about that's not really free!!! :). It was hilly.

T2: 1:25. Not bad I thought. Probably could get faster here. I have not tried many of the tactics I see others using like keeping their shoes in their bike.. YET!

Run 3.2 miles 7:04, 7:02, 8:19 (1.2) Average of 6:55's. I thought this was a good run. Again, it WAS hilly and I had the most fun here passing tons of people. Especially this woman who kept playing cat and mouse with me on the bike. I flew past her on the run..ahahahahah that'll teach you my pretty..lol...

In closing. It was a gorgeous day (photos to come) on a gorgeous course. Several great people from our running club were there and many participated. A great day!


IronMatron said...

Yeah! Congrats! I'm so happy you had an AWESOME RACE!
Can't wait to talk to you about it in person...
Congrats! You should VERY excited and very proud of yourself!

mconley342 said...

Be happy on a great job Mel. It was difficult not knowing what to wear. The morning was cold and then it warmed up. It was nice seen you on the running course. Overall your performance was outstanding.

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