Boot Camp Anyone?

Saturday I went for a challenging 33 mile bike ride with Donna. Donna, you see, could have gone to the Olympics if she wanted to. She's a triathlon veteran with impressive times. Over the years of knowing her, it hasn't been until now that I have been able to somehow convince her to ride with me. She filled my tires to 120 (I've always been cautious to only fill to 80) and off we went. Not knowing if I would even be able to keep her in sight for long, thankfully she was kind and I was able to "look" like I could keep up. In the middle of the ride Donna noticed that I was using the large ring way to much. I actually thought I would have more "power wattage?" (am I using the correct term here?) by keeping my bike in the larger ring as much as possible. In fact, Donna explained, you can wear out your legs unnecessarily much faster by riding that way and I should spin more. Good tip.

DAY TWO: On the second day my friends and I decided it would be fun to swim to the farthest point in P-town from Commercial Street. It's a mile and a half swim. I quickly jumped in thinking this ILL BE great training for my sprint tri coming up in September. I got in a good 28 minute swim. Probably .75 miles. I'm content in knowing that I was able swim in open water and not hyperventilate. I have this fear of being eaten by a shark and therefore prefer NOT to swim in the ocean. This fact makes me question if I should even DO triathlons. Seriously, what am I thinking? However, I realize this is an irrational fear and DO try to overcome this fear. I wished I could have swum the entire distance but I really haven't been swimming all that much lately and just plain got tired.

After the swim Donna recounted episodes of scooping jelly fish (the non-poisonous kind) in her hand as she cupped the water. All I could think of was Thank the Good Lord I didn't have to deal with that. I would DEFINITELY have hyperventilated.

At any rate unfortunately Donna (and Carol, Sydney, Spyinx, and Smoke) go home tomorrow and I will miss them terribly. Thank you God for letting me know them!

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