Rut Roh

I thought that by giving myself some nice summer time off from any racing commitments I would feel relaxed and happy but instead I find myself very paranoid and worried. The way I felt in this photo while being taught how to drive the dinghy by captain Dan in BVI.

I'm worried I am changing into a non-competitive, couch potato like person. Someone that I never saw myself being. The kind of person who doesn't get excited about improving upon their PRs or getting in the best shape they possibly can.

It's hard not having a plan. I'm not used to this. I've had some plan or another for the past 10 years in a row. I may have taken a week at the most off but not two months. This is killing me.

At the same time I'm not even sure of what I want to plan for when I finally do allow myself to plan for another event. I'm hoping something will spark my interest and get me all excited and motivated. I keep thinking how fun it would be to train for a TRI but the winter is on the way and what good will that do? I think about training for a winter marathon as well. That's a possibility. Whatever it is I plan must meet the following short list:

  • Fun
  • Healthy for the body
  • Heart must be into it 100%
  • Challenging


Zac said...

Ever consider cross country? Maybe something like this?


Deena Kastor calls XC the "essence of distance running in in its most natural form." It's certainly challenging!

IronMatron said...

I say do the Dover Tri! I might do it too! Should be fun. And it's short! No need to stress too much about it...

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