Here we go

I have no idea how this is going to turn out. Every time I read a blog I see something I would never have thought of. It took me a full 5 minutes to figure out what "wet suit strippers" were. For a second I pictured something like painters tape going down the inside of the suite so as to pull and peel.. Something along those lines. But NO! A stripper is actually a PERSON! lol.. goodness.

At any rate.. I have to wear socks because I tried not wearing socks during a track workout (yes I know I should have started with a slow easy 4 miler) but you know how it is.. we do want we want to do.. And, of course, I ended up with HUGE blisters.. Socks are comin with me. I will ditch the biking gloves. I forgot them one day so I KNOW that will not hurt my precious hands.

I know I am going to feel like a COMPLETE novice, beginner, newbie, neophyte, however you want to call me. I just have to remember to not let that effect my focus. I feel if I can stay focused on the task at hand and not look around at all the scary experienced people, I'll be able to stay calm.

My biggest fear is the swim. I SURELY hope I can just find a rhythm of breathing. I know it won't be with in the first 100 yards but after that I'm hoping the field slims out a little??? yes???? no????? hehehehe

After reading Mary and Ang's blog I must say I am DEFINITELY inspired. They are really impressive how they gutted out a really tough course. It's not even the course that was so tough. Just the fact that the race went off an hour or so late? That means they lost all that fuel they had so carefully planned out and in a race like this, fuel his HUGE! Anyway, they suffered so when I'm out there and I'm feeling like SHIT I will think of them. Thanks !


IronMatron said...

Yeah! You will have FUN. You don't know what to expect so the whole thing will be a totally new and different rush!
Just make sure to take two water bottles, and definitely DO NOT let them drop on the course! Penalty! grrrr.:)
You will find your own place and pace in the swim. Just don't let the first two minutes freak you out.
I can't wait to hear all about how it goes!

Ange said...

I'm so excited for you!!! Like Mary said, it is FUN!! All the crazy things that happen are just so fun to look back on, learn from, and laaugh about. I am laughing so hard at you imagining what wet suit strippers were. that's great.
Keep it simple in transition. Go with socks. That takes getting used to...I agree. Baby powder in teh shoes +/or socks +/or on your feet after the swim really helps. Just totally cover them without drying off or brushign off sand and the sand etc falls off you. Is it a sprint? I dropped my water on a sprint last year too..don't panic. Sip water/gatorade until the start and you'll be good to go. Get psyched!!! You are a super talented athlete and you'll do great. Can't wait to hear!

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