A little nudge goes a long way

A funny thing happened this week. I was all set to do my regular routine of riding the trainer for 1.15 on Wednesday then run 4 miles, probably on the treadmill. After all it's safe, secure, and the quickest way to get in a moderately long training day. I wasn't ready to take on the outside world on my bike at 5:30 am. Not to mention running in TRI shorts for the world to see takes a little getting used to. I didn't think I was there yet. Well, I was wrong. I am there now.. Last night while driving over to the dog park to let Fergie meet up with some other dogs I was telling Kathy, my pretty-much-non-athletic-better-half about my planned workout in the morning. All of the sudden she says "Mel, why aren't you riding outside in the mornings now? You need to get out there during the week and feel the wind on your face"... I objected and said, nawwww, I'm fine on the trainer and what about the traffic... She responded with "there is no traffic at 5:30 am AND it's light out now". I SLOWLY thought about it and realized she could be right. (duh). What am I afraid of? Wouldn't it be great to not have to jump on the trainer in front of the TV? The more I thought about it the more I got used to the idea and thought about how big of a pay off it would with all the great hill training I would be getting. What if I could get used to going out at 5:30 by myself for a long bike ride? I decided, YES! I NEED to do this. I need to be brave. I CAN do this. It took a lot of preparing the night before but it was totally worth it.. Now I will never ride the trainer again unless it's pouring buckets and of course once it's dark again. Ahhhh... AND I ran the 4 miles off the bike OUTSIDE in my TRI SHORTS!!! feeewww... I just needed a little nudge.. I have always been that way...


Ange said...

Good for Kathy. I need her to nudge me out there at that hour too. It's HARD to make first step...I agree. I have been outside but not in the a.m. yet. I am planning on it for Fri. It's a hill workout...no choice. Good for you!! And I agree on the tri short thing after....I often change!

IronMatron said...

But it's so cold in the morning! :) I need the nudge too. Now that's it's getting lighter and warmer with each day, though, I'm so glad to be getting out there.
And who knows? Maybe one day we will be true cyclists and ride in the dark in the morning--just like we do for all of our winter runs!!
(On second thought, do real cyclists do that?)

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