Guilt over the triathlon!

This seems to inflict many people who try to switch gears so to speak. It seems I keep turning my regular buds down for running dates. Not that I'm running much less either.. it's more that my schedule is so specific that I can't manage the meeting time that I used to. This makes me feel a little guilty. Who would have thought that just because I want to do a triathlon I would feel this way. I have to tell myself that 'this is my goal for now. It doesn't mean it will be forever, just for now. I am coming out of my comfort zone a little bit by doing this so I have to give myself some space.' I'm proud of myself for taking this plunge. It's not easy. It would be WAY easier to just run as I usually do and have plenty of running buddies. I hardly even have training buddies now when I do do my triathlon training. I see Mary for a second or two at the pool but that's it. Even tomorrow. I had to say "no, sorry, I have to do a brick workout". This means I have to bike at my house then do the treadmill at my house. Sorry!

I really am happy I decided to train for triathlon for many reasons. I keep thinking that later on in life when I'm 60 or so I'll now have two other sports that I can do at any time to keep in shape and to keep things interesting. And, I'm thrilled that I found that I can learn how to swim better at this time in my life.


Ange said...

Triathlon is tricky that way. You're not alone in those feelings. I never had a running group but I have to twist my schedule all around constantly to fit in all 3 sports. It is hard. However, when you do your first race, you'll see why people get hooked. That's what I believe will happen anyway. Hang in there. You're doing great and you're getting stronger by the day with this cross-training.

IronMatron said...

As you know, I totally understand this problem. Tri training is so specific that it is practically impossible to mesh your training with anyone else's. I wish I had an answer for you, but as you know, I don't. I've been MIA from our running circle for almost a year now. I feel guilt, and also sadness. Sometimes I think it's enough to abandon the whole tri dream and just go back to running.

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