2ND Day off

I just ran the Cape Cod marathon two days ago (3:27). My calves are all bunched up. Since I decided to take off one whole week to rest, it really doesn't matter much that I can't walk properly.

I also ran Chicago three weeks ago in 88 degree heat. What an ordeal. The whole reason I ran CCM was because Chicago was such a bust. The race I mean, not the visit to Chicago. Had a blast visiting Chicago.

So, I'm sitting here, giving myself some good rest hoping to come up with some new exciting goal to keep the fire burning. After all, this was my 15Th marathon so each one must have something special about it for me to want to run it. I can't just RUN a marathon just because it's in my back yard. Well I could but I won't.

Maybe a new PR or a new destination will enter the scene.

Congrats to the Red Sox for winning the world series!

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