Feeling Great

I never thought Ironman training could feel this good.  Now that my health is on track my body and mind is responding very well. I got my iron stores up, my hormones are in check, and my nutrient levels are all on track.  I might have an under active thyroid but we are keeping a close eye on that little bugger. 

The problem I have is that now that I feel all hunky dory all I want to do is have fun. I would like to go and party my ass off. I would like to take off and stay over at Foxwoods for an entire weekend to stay up late and gamble and yes, drink.  I love having fun. I'm a party girl at heart.  As a matter of fact - I have always believed deep down that one of the reasons I participate in endurance sport is to keep myself out of trouble.  To keep myself on the straight and narrow pathway of life.  Boring!!!!  But it does work for me.

So - I will not indulge.  At least not to that extent.  I will have my 2 beers or 2 glasses or wine on the weekend.  Maybe a Cosmo every now and then but that's all.  After the big event I'll have a humongous party with my buddies to celebrate our accomplishment.  That's good enough for me.


cheryl said...

that's great - I didn't realize you had entered ironman. Hope you have a great next few months!

melissa caron said...

Thanks Cheryl! I just hope and pray I don't eat these words :).

Jennifer Harrison said...

I am so glad you feel good, Melissa and energy is back and things are in check - that will help a ton as you put in the miles for the IM!!

GoBigGreen said...

welcome back! You are going to really like IM training. and ya the tolerance goes down so you may just have it all worked out:) 1 glass of wine adn you will be under the table:)! Yay for feeling good!

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