Ayurvedic Cleanse

Today is the last day of my 4 day pre-cleanse.  This pre-cleanse was the most I have ever fasted. It was very hard. The meeting itself was even hard. I was forced to sit on my pillow for 3 hours on the floor with no back support. I was kinda pissed off.

So, the first day came and I did as I was instructed. Ate Kitchari and Ghee. Yuck!  Kathy tried really hard at this point to come with me on this journey but she caved.  I got a severe headache that first day as well but I lived with it and continued on.

Day two came and the headache was gone thanks to the herb Triphala. Although my headache was finally gone I now had a bigger problem - throbbing pain throughout the backs of my legs. This throbbing was due to the toxins being purged through my body.  OUCH!  The throbbing continued for 3 days. I succumbed to advil and tylenol. Thank goodness I had otherwise I would not have slept.  Consequently I slept very well.

I also kept up the oil routine of lubing the joints and massaging the ama (toxins) down to your finger tips and ankles. I loved the oil treatments I gave myself every day.

I simplified life a bit by not watching as much TV, radio, or involvement in conversations that were not that important.  Simplicity is nice and keeps me focused. I did get a lot of work done this week.

I didn't get to do all my workouts but that was to be expected. I have EXTREMELY low energy for almost the entire time. On the forth day my engergy returned somewhat but not enough to  have a fantastically fast swim.

Before my cleanse I had been eating quite well.  However in the days leading up to the cleanse I had indulged in sugar, ice cream, candy and bad food. Anything I fancied. It was fun. I got it out of my system. It was holloween. I put on a pound.

Today I weighed myself and I lost a solid 3 pounds. My weight is 123.  I love it. Especially since I'm going to Aruba in two weeks.

I have do not have a problem getting up in the morning very early and not having coffee.  I did this twice and ran and swam on both of those days. My goal is to be able to rise at 5:am and not feel tired later on.

My entire goal list:
  • Maintain weight by eating more healthy foods. (Soups, Salads, and foods according to my constitution)
  • Stay on Tea for as long as possible then only migrate to decaf is need be.
  • Keep coffee consumption to 1 cup per day when I do go back to caffeine.
  • Keep alcohol to a bare minimum. Some weeks avoid altogether. 
  • Keep sugary foods down to a bare minimum.
  • Eat only when hungry except before a long workout.
That's all.

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