Woods Hole can be very curvy and hilly in the back seat of a car at 9:00 PM. My dog was nearly car sick while trying to find the best route from W. Falmouth to Surf Drive. We needed to make our journey to the bosses house early the next morning (race day) to meet and greet and we didn't want to be late.

Michael, Tracey, Dan, Tricia and Pete, the Bairs and I, all had the exclusive invitation to Mike's bosses house the morning of. There, we were welcomed with open arms. We chatted, played miss-Mary-mack (seriously, we did), did a hand-stand (yes we did) all to relieve our stress of the morning race. Group photo, piled into the back of the pick-ups like some country and western movie and off we went.

We parted ways to go line up in our assigned corrals. Tracey and I off to the elite class and lightly populated coral. Them, to there heavily massed class coral. Caged, like cattle, behind the net. The Titanic comes to mind.


I get to rub elbows with greatness in this race and this race only. It's just how Falmouth does things. It's cool man. Nowhere else do I get to line up with the elites and go off in the first wave. I'm cool.

The course is hilly the first two and a half miles. Not huge hills. Just rolling hills. Since they are the first two miles they are not a big deal. I still felt fresh at this point. So, I decide to stick with my 6:50's plan. I felt strong as if I could hold that pace for the entire race. By mile 4 I was saying "I have this".... I knew I was going to PR. Miles 4-6 are fairly flat. One big hill at mile 7 and your done. My lonely track sessions in the 88 degree heat paid off. Yeah!!

We all met up at the basket ball courts for Popsicles before the long journey a-foot back to the boss's house. We soon realized that the walk was longer than anticipated but was never so glad to see ole Johnny and HIS pick-up truck with nothing in it just waiting for us to jump in. That was our biggest break of the day.

At the Par-tae it was raining lobster rolls, beer, baked goods, water, anything that you could possible want really. How lucky are we. That reminds me I MUST send a thank you note.

There are 12,000 + runners. I was happy to learn I was 51st woman OA and 10th Master out of approx. 960 in my age group. It was my freaking goal to make top 10 Master and I did. I pr'd by 1 min 43 seconds with my 48:03 time.


IronMatron said...

Oh, Melissa. What an awesome time! Holy shit! So psyched for you--so cool to see all the hard sweaty work pay off! You are an elite... :) You deserve a place in that corral. Congrats!!!

Jennifer Harrison said...

YOU earned this PR and top 10 Masters at this huge race! Your hard work IS paying off. Congrats! :)

maria conley said...

Tracey, told me all about the day!! It sounds like you gals had a blast. Well done on your pr. You are getting stronger & stronger every year.

Michelle said...

Congrats Melissa!!!! GREAT job!

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