Tops, Bottoms and Flip Turns

No, this is not about swim suits however the "semi-thong" was of quite the subject whilst lounging on the beach.

Just back from vacation in Aruba. My longest vacation of 12 day since 1995 when I started the insurance agency with Kathy.. It was all worth it. Next year I'm aiming for two weeks. Everyone should have a long vacation. As Kathy's Big Dog shirt says, I' m Tanned, Rested, and Ready!

Today I got back in the pool and taught myself how to do a flip turn. Yippeee!!! I'm so psyched that I can do a flip turn. It took me a whole workout to get it down pat but nonetheless, it's there.

While on vacation a friend of mine informed me of the two different personalities within a relationship. A top and a bottom. A top is the person who "looks" as though they are in charge of everything. They like to control all the money, they are always coming up with the plan for the day, talking a lot.. sound familiar? Then, alas, there are the bottoms. The bottoms are the ones who the world really revolves around. Meaning, the top can say and do all they want however when it comes right down to it or push comes to shove, if bottom is not happy, bottom wins out every time. Bottom works behind the scenes in the relationship. I personally do not care who is top or who is bottom ( I think I'm a bottom :)) but I thought this little blog might provoke some comments.. So what are you? A top or a bottom?


IronMatron said...

I laughed out loud at the bottom/top thing. I am the bottom. very much the bottom. haha!
Mel B looks like a million bucks, so I think she won't kill you! Both you two look awesome. You can tell you are both awesome athletes from that picture alone.

mconley342 said...

Congrats on your flip turns. You are working it girl! I am most definitely a bottom. I have tons of patience and I also work behind the scenes.

Anonymous said...

I have to say much to my poor husband's dismay, I think I'm both. I basically rule the roost around here!


Anonymous said...

Or at least that is what I let you believe... :-)

Ange said...

Welcome back! You look Great adn rested!
The top/bottom thing is so funny.

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