Addicts or Joyics?

I recently read an article about Susy Favor Hamilton in which she admitted to being addicted to running. Not like we casually say we are addicted as in, I feel crappy if I don't run. She was seriously addicted. She only felt happy when she ran. She has pretty much all but stopped running and had to see a doctor to bring her along from the depression she felt. This is a scary thing. I thought long and hard and wondered, "Do I fall into this category? What if I couldn't run tomorrow or the next day or the next.... Where would my joy come from? I know! I will create a list just in case I have to actually find out". So, here is what brings me joy:

My dogs kisses (I never knew I was such a dog lover till age 42)
Selling a huge insurance policy!
Sunny days
Stepping really hard on the gas peddle of my very fast car :)
Bike Riding
A really good glass of red wine with friends who appreciate it as much as I do
Seeing my nieces
Seeing my family at parties
Eating Sushi
Winning a hand at Poker
Watching fast women run
Obtaining a PR!
Beating my competition

I'm pretty sure I could find a few other things to bring me joy should I not be able to run ever again. But is joy what we are really suppose to bank on in life? Do we constantly work toward goals because they bring us joy when we reach them? I think I do. Maybe this is how Suzy fell victim. Always striving for that perfect goal. I'm really glad I mixed up my running with biking and swimming for this reason. I feel that I have insulated myself from falling into that trap. Not everyone has an addictive personality but judging from the list above I think I have one. I also know one other thing for sure. I WILL BE FILLED WITH TUNS AND TUNS OF JOY WHEN I FINALLY SEE RESULTS IN MY SWIM TRAINING! :)


IronMatron said...

Hi! I missed you on the ride this weekend and at the Gilio5K! Next weekend for a ride???? I have to go 3 hours.
So. Addiction. I think the word addiction should be used when it's problematic--e.g. it's hurting you or others around you--it's done compulsively etc. That's not you! It's your hobby. You love it. You run and you rest. Of course you be devastated if you couldn't run anymore...but not because you are addicted. It's because you love the challenge and the fun of it! Your swimming is going to take off! I promise! Next weekend we need to get in the open water. Wanna come?

Anonymous said...
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